TIME Cover Explores ‘The End of Iraq’

Here in the Fishbowl, once a week we try to feature a weekly or monthly magazine cover. Yesterday we previewed the National Journal redesign, which was celebrated on Capitol Hill and K Street today (more on that TK).

Well this week, we’d also like to highlight TIME magazine, on newsstands tomorrow.

In it, TIME’s Michael Crowley writes, “So begins another Iraqi civil war, this one wretchedly entangled with the sectarian conflict that has already claimed more than 160,000 lives in Syria. Poised to join the fighting is Iran, whose nearly eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s cost more than a million lives. To Americans weary of the Middle East, the urge is strong to close our eyes and, as Sarah Palin once put it so coarsely, ‘let Allah sort it out.’ President Obama has kept a wary distance from Syria’s civil war and the turmoil of postwar Iraq. But now that the two have become one rapidly metastasizing cancer, that may no longer be possible.”

Check out the June 30 cover and accompanying story, “The End of Iraq.”



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