TIME Cover: Angelina Jolie

This week’s TIME magazine capitalizes on Angelina Jolie‘s big revelation this week that she spent the last three months having and recovering from a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

This week’s cover story is a special report on how her actions may affect women’s choices.

A blurb on the story:

“TIME’s Jeffrey Kluger and Alice Park report on the differing takes within the scientific community, as well as the cost-benefit ratio of this kind of genetic testing: Jolie, by nearly universal agreement, made the right choice for her…. But a lot of experts worry that we may over-read the lessons. Genetic screening is a young science, and while we may have detected genes linked to a host of ills… we often do a terrible job of calculating our resulting risks, making irreversible decisions based on dangers that don’t exist. Jolie’s brave example can make us all smarter and help keep us healthier—but only if we take the right lessons from it.”