TIME.com Puts a Global Spin on Things

TIME.com expanded its blog roster with the addition of Global Spin, which covers global politics, diplomacy, conflicts, and their resolutions.

Contributors to Global Spin include Bobby Ghosh, Tony Karon, Tim Padgett, Hannah Beech, Catherine Mayer, Bruce Crumley, Alex Perry, Aryn Baker, Karl Vick, Jyoti Thottam, Austin Ramzy, and Emily Rauhala.

TIME.com managing editor Jim Frederick said:

One of the undeniable strengths of TIME is our ongoing commitment to international news and our strong network of correspondents who report, write, and film from the farthest-flung locales, often while under great stress or even in dire physical danger. Global Spin is designed to give our top-notch correspondents another forum to weigh in on the most important stories shaping our world even more quickly, with a greater immediacy and with a more intimate, opinionated, and conversational voice that online readers appreciate and even expect.

The blog will offer up quick, authoritative takes on breaking news, but it will also be a platform for TIME‘s international correspondents to bring their expertise and insight to bear with longer opinion pieces, anecdotes from their notebooks, and other musings from the field. To be sure, Global Spin won’t change the way TIME.com goes about its excellent international coverage — only deepen it.