Timehop adds “Friendversaries” and USA Today Features to its Time Capsules

Timehop’s latest app expansion includes a “Friendversary” feature to help you commemorate Facebook friendships as annual celebrations. Timehop also linked its time capsule attributes with USA Today’s collection of news stories so you can find out which friend was added to which social network on the day the president was re-elected. Essentially, it is Facebook timeline spreading its social appendages all over the internet.

Most users would be hard pressed to recall most Facebook friends by name, so the feature would be another lure to spend more time on already addictive social networks. Once you are done poking random strangers, sending birthday messages to friends, sharing cute cat photos, you can then celebrate these superfluous “Friendversaries.” Eventually, if the practice becomes common, you will be labeled a bad Facebook friend if you do not properly recognize social friendship holidays by sending out ecards or pricey Facebook gifts.

Users who are not interested in having more holidays invented by social network companies might find USA Todays news stories a great way to navigate through their personal social history. Social networks are capable of seeing this data for an entire populace, but a personal glimpse into one’s own history is refreshing and powerful. The information might surprise you, especially if you are into analyzing your own statistical behaviors.