Time Announces a Lame-o Person of the Year and It’s Pretty Much All Your Fault


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cop-out than Mr. & Mrs. Gates and Bono, Time skirts naming “The YouTube Guys” as people of the year while simultaneously admitting their old-fashioned journalist-scribed articles are moot: they’ve declared you their person of the year. Sure, we could point out the obvious–that any creative type would know that the real people of the year are right there on the front for all to see; you’ll for sure notice that’s a YouTube interface and an iMac. A cover story gives dubious credit where credit is due, but oh, if you would only read about the real story behind the Time cover, including the travails of working with mylar!

Designing a cover with a Mylar window does create one unanticipated challenge: How do you display it online when there’s no one standing in front of it? If you go to Time.com, you’ll see an animated version of the cover in which the window is stocked with a rotating display of reader-submitted photos. Maybe you’ll see yourself.

Maybe you’ll puke on yourself, too.