Interview With Tim Schigel, CEO of ShareThis

Today I had the opportunity to interview Tim Schigel, the CEO of ShareThis, about the new ShareThis service they released today and what the future holds for the company. We had an interesting discussion about the future of sharing and how Facebook and Twitter are gaining traction at the expense of other “sharing distribution channels”.

ShareThis has few competitors aside from AddThis which was recently acquired by Clearspring Technologies, the McLean, Virginia based widget platform company. One of the most interesting things that Tim mentioned was the future release of an API which grants developers access to information about what users are sharing with others.

As more content distribution channels open up access to their “sharing information”, I personally believe it will put more pressure on companies like Facebook to open up access to this type of information. While Tim couldn’t speak about the number of users that have accessed the ShareThis widget, he was willing to share that the company has over 80,000 publishers active using the widget.

While a couple hundred thousand have added the widget, only 80,000 are receiving any form of measurable traffic. The rest of the publishers are far down the “long tail”. We discussed a number of other issues related to the future of sharing on the web which you can listen to on the podcast below. I’ve also embedded a video of the updated ShareThis button below.