Tim Rutten Interviews Rile LA Times

The most outspoken victims of the latest round of LA Times layoffs have been book reviewer Susan Salter Reynolds and award-winning columnist Tim Rutten (pictured). Today, Rutten has shared a couple of interesting new observations with TheWrap’s Brent Lang.

Rutten says he was puzzled by his removal from book review assignments after he made a mistake in a February 2, 2011 Op Ed piece. He also reveals that his former employer was unhappy with the comments he made on KPCC and KCRW in the immediate aftermath of his dismissal:

“I know they were upset with those interviews–which I did not seek–because one of my editors was instructed to call me and tell me that they were upset by it,” Rutten said. “I think that if people were upset, then the burden is on them to say what part of what I said about the state of the Times is either factually incorrect or substantially unfair. If they can point to those things, I think they have a legitimate beef.”

Beyond a confirmation that no mention was made at the time of his dismissal of the errant Op Ed piece, Rutten refused to comment on allegations made to TheWrap by several unnamed sources. Lang reports that the columnist could sometimes be “arrogant” and that he did not react well to a reprimand issued in the wake of the Op Ed misstep.

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