WaPo Peeping Tom Live-Tweets Sobriety Test

Tim Craig covers D.C.’s City Hall for WaPo but we’re thinking he should look into a second job that requires him to make sure local police follow proper protocol when administering routine sobriety tests.

Yesterday evening Craig sent out a series of tweets documenting the steps a police officer took as he tested a woman to see if she had been drinking and driving.

“DC police giving a young lady a field sobriety test at 14th and Fairmont,” Craig wrote. “They don’t know I’m watching, but so far very professional process.”

Indeed, judging from Craig’s tweets, the test went as any test you’d see on Cops, minus the low-speed foot chase of an overweight male in a wife beater:

  • “Officer taking a pen and making her follow it with her eyes.”
  • “Now she is being made to walk heel to toe for 9 steps and then turn around and do it again. Hands must be at side.”
  • “Think she may have passed line test, but she has flip flops on so that would be a hard test.”

Not so fast, potentially drunk lady! “Correction: she’s cuffed,” Craig followed up with a tweet, guessing the woman may have actually refused a one-legged test, thus resulting in her being handcuffed.

Tweets by Craig were interrupted by two others following his tweets asking if the officer in question resembled comedian Louis C.K. “Yes!,” he affirmed.

Craig sent a final tweet on the incident. It doesn’t appear to have ended well for the potentially drunk woman… “Officers retrieve a bottle of what some would argue looks like a wine bottle and another plastic bottle with liquid from the vehicle.” He makes no judgment as to whether the woman looked drunk, but Craig told FBDC in an email it was “fairly clear she had bottles of suspected alcohol in the vehicle.”

Despite documenting the sobriety test in the most public way possible (aside from shouting out a play-by-play from the sidewalk), Craig hoped to go unnoticed by the officers. “The last thing I want is to be dragged in to testify at a potential hearing/trial,” he said.

After wrapping up his voyeuristic tweet session, Craig headed out for a workout. On his way to the gym, he noticed the woman’s car that had been pulled over was still there.

For the record, as familiar with sobriety tests as Craig appears to be, he tells us he’s never had a “formal field sobriety test or been pulled over for suspected drunk driving.”