Another Memorable Conway-to-Noory Handoff

In recent weeks, KFI AM 640 evening personalities Tim Conway Jr. and George Noory have become much chattier at the cusp of the 10 p.m. PT hour. That’s when Conway checks in with Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, to find out what choice topics lie ahead. Noory’s syndicated program is bigger than ever, having just welcomed its 560th station affiliate; on any given night, the inquisitive host (pictured) is broadcasting from either LA or St. Louis.

It started when Noory—whose father recently passed away—talked very intimately one night about his personal life (wives, ex-wives, etc.) After that particular segment was over, Tim Conway Jr. Show newsman Aron Bender marveled that he had learned more about their KFI stablemate from that one conversation than from all previous chats combined.

At the beginning of the week, it was time for Noory to tease the full story of his near-kidnapping in Mexico. On his way back from a wedding in Cabo, he was set up by a very nervous airport cab driver. Had it not been for Noory’s quick instincts once the illicit business started to go down, he probably would not have been talking to Conway Jr.

Finally, for last night’s radio-baton moment, the pair touched on this summer’s upcoming Conway listener cruise around the Hawaiian islands. Noory indicated he was open to the idea of joining the festivities at some point, perhaps even broadcasting from the boat. Noory also revealed he has a full radio-studio hook-up at a residence… in Hawaii.

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