Tim’s Games is a Flash Games Portal Inside Facebook

Tim's GamesWhen it comes to creating a social game portal, there are pretty much two criteria: (1) There needs to be plenty of quality games to choose from, and (2) There should be some form of social interaction.

A new Facebook app called Tim’s Games is a gaming portal style application inside Facebook, and suffice to say, it’s not too bad.

Tim’s Games offers a rather impressive collection of Flash-based games to play that range across numerous types of popular genres such as action, driving, and puzzle based games. Visually, many of the games are reminiscent of old Nintendo consoles, and still others take a more familiar MSN Games look (i.e. Bejeweled style). As for the portal itself, it isn’t as colorful and visually appealing (Viwawa, for example) as some of the other bigger casual gaming sites out there, but in the end, look is merely superfluous (of course, that isn’t to say it isn’t important either).

Profile High ScoresObviously, the app is tied into Facebook, which allows it to have a decent degree of social capabilities. Players have the option to post high scores directly to their news feeds, and this even sends notification to whomever was the previous high score holder. Furthermore, the app displays what you and your friends are playing or have played in the past, as well as a collection of various gaming statistics, thus making for a very basic social interaction.

Unfortunately, “basic” is the key word as these social elements are a bit dry and do not bring anything new or interesting to the table. However, being “basic” also lays the groundwork for more curious future elements. Tim’s Games actually only started in the middle of December, so it is not surprising that there isn’t a whole lot in regards to social features, but the developers say they intend to add more concepts such as head to head competition, public challenges, and even team-based matches.

In the end, the app still has work to be done, but it seems to be on the right track. Tim’s Games already has a pretty good collection of fun, casual Flash games, and if there are new social features on the way, then this app could be looking good in the future.