TigerLogic’s PostPost: Facebook Shared Content in Newspaper Form

TigerLogic released a solution for newspaper fans who want to catch up with their Facebook friends in tabloid style: PostPost, which allows users who log in via Facebook Connect to see all shared links, pictures, videos, and articles by their friends in newspaper format.

Users can also comment on shared items and reshare them directly via the PostPost platform, which uses David DeSandro’s jQuery Masonry layout plug-in to build the page and TigerLogic’s yolink search technology.

Mashable pointed out that there is also a social search engine called PostPo.st, which is not related to PostPost at all.

That’s not where similarities to existing properties end, however, as readers of the New York Post will certainly recognize the font used in the PostPost logo.

TigerLogic director of business development Brian Cheek said:

This is a perfect use case for yolink technology. PostPost delivers a lot of information from a myriad of sources, and yolink search is the best way to actually search through it all and reveal what hides behind the hundreds of links.

PostPost is a great way to quickly digest and keep up with the news from your social circle. PostPost is a real-time news hub, much like The Huffington Post or Drudge Report, except your friends are the editors.