Tiger Woods Sinks Eagle for TMZ

Tiger Woods has been very bad to his wife, but very good to TMZ.com

The gossip site enjoyed its best traffic month ever in December, following Woods’ mysterious Thanksgiving car accident and the subsequent string of alledged affairs that came to light over the next few weeks. The site reached 11.4 million unique users in the U.S. in December according to comScore, an increase of 28 percent versus the previous month. During the month TMZ was also buoyed by its coverage of the tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy.

However, December’s traffic mark was a few million short of TMZ’s zenith. Back in June, the site reached 13.5 million uniques per comScore, when it was first to report on the passing of music legend Michael Jackson.

According to TMZ’s internal figures, the site’s mobile properties also reached new heights last month. Between its mobile site and the TMZ app, the property delivered  86.4 million mobile page views, per officials.