Tiger Woods’ Return to Golf Will be in 3-D

Considering the fact that his wife beat him up with a golf club for infidelity and his mistresses spent the better part of last week discussing his junk on the Howard Stern Show, Tiger Woods’ upcoming return to the Masters was bound to be a media circus of epic proportions.

But it looks any lingering chance of the broadcast world handling Tiger’s return with the slightest bit of decorum has gone out the window — cable provider Comcast will be offering this year’s Masters broadcast in 3-D, all but assuring the event will be the biggest freakshow the mainstream sports world has ever seen.

Variety has the story:

A handful of holes on the back nine will be viewed in 3D, and for only two hours a day. Comcast will begin its 3D coverage on the day before the tournament begins as part of the traditional par 3 contest.

ESPN carries the first two rounds of the tournament and CBS, which has aired the Masters since 1956, offers Saturday-Sunday coverage.

Prior to Woods’ announcement, CBS Sports topper Sean McManus said, “‘I think the first tournament Tiger Woods plays again, wherever it is, will be the biggest media event other than the Obama inauguration in the past 10 or 15 years.”

We can almost see our golf-loving, Florida-retired, Greenwich-conservative uncle cringing from here. Not that we mind.

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