Tiger Woods Posts 3 Times, gets 200,000+ Followers

In one of his first real tweets ever, Tiger Woods thanked his followers for “all the love” yesterday. And there certainly was a lot of love – over 200,000 people have followed the beleaguered golf pro’s Twitter account in the past 24 hours.

Woods is obviously trying to revamp his image in light of his public indiscretions, and it could be working. The Guardian reported yesterday that within one hour of his re-joining Twitter yesterday, his follower count rose by over 30,000 people.

It is almost a year ago to the day that Woods crashed his car and saw a slew of indiscretions come to light. This Twitter account is part of a broad media push in an attempt to re-connect with his fans and shake off some of the bad publicity that’s been hounding him, according to a report by the CBC.

By the time Woods had posted his third tweet in two days (“The best part about phone interviews is getting to wear shorts”), he had accumulated more than 200,000 fans, and currently sits at 212,802 followers (although this number increases with every page refresh).

Woods had opened this Twitter account June of 2009, but only sent out three tweets directing followers to his official website and other media before leaving it dormant until yesterday.

If he’s looking to improve his relationship with his fans by becoming active on Twitter, he might just be onto something – thus far, searching for @tigerwoods shows (generally) positive feedback and words of encouragement from the Twitter-verse.