Tide’s Game of Thrones Social Play Shows It’s Not Afraid of a Little Blood

Infographic is just the latest example

The creatives behind Tide's recent social media endeavors seem to be fans of Hershell Gordon Lewis, the horror movie industry's "Godfather of Gore" and a longtime direct marketing copywriter for butcher brand Omaha Steaks. In other words, the detergent's marketers aren't afraid of a little blood.

This week, Tide has leveraged Twitter's two-month-old pinned tweet feature to highlight a fun infographic (see below) showing how often different kinds of stains appeared in Season Four of "Game of Thrones." The leading type was blood, coming in at 530 stains. And even with the sex scenes that the immensely popular HBO show has become known for, gore—born from routine violence—may be the program's chief ingredient.

Tide also had some splatter fun in a Halloween Vine push spoofing the blood-dripped scene from the classic flick "Carrie." And then there's the brand's Shark Week ad copy on Twitter last summer: We get the blood out, too. (Clips are available below.)

While not every brand can use blood in its marketing, Tide sure as heck can. Parents, the Procter & Gamble brand's target demo, regularly deal with crimson-stained jeans and shirts from their children's knee and elbow scrapes.

Tide's infographic, posted to Twitter late Monday afternoon, has since garnered a fairly impressive 2,900 retweets and favorites, thanks in part to what appears to be a modest Promoted Tweet push. Tide's use of an infographic is rather novel, as most brands that put together such data visualizations come from the business-to-business realm.

Publicis Groupe-owned agency DigitasLBi led Tide's social play this week.

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