Tide Teams Up With NFL To Run A Cool “Color Captain” Twitter Campaign

This football season, NFL laundry sponsor Tide has found an inventive way to leverage its 32-team sponsorship deal with a unique Twitter campaign.

Tide has anointed one player from each NFL team (32 in total) to be a Tide Color Captain, celebrating NFL fans and their passion for their team’s colors.

Each captain has been serving as a photojournalist, sharing behind-the-scenes personal pictures on Twitter that capture “the moments of color celebration that truly motivate them,” on and around game day.

It’s a clever way for Tide to play on their focus on steadfast color in your laundry machine, making a connection to the huge import of colors for an NFL team.

Tide even specifically created a new Twitter handle, @TideNFL, so the brand could engage in conversations with fans and players about the campaign.

Fans are also getting in on the Tide Color Captain action by using the hashtag #ourcolors to share images of themselves decked out in team gear, and expressing what their home team colors mean to them.

Follow the action with the #ourcolors hashtag throughout the rest of the season.

Want to know which players are Tide Color Captains? Here’s the full list: