Tickle Your Facebook Friends With New Virtual Gifts from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price has teamed up with AdNectar to launch a virtual gifting campaign on Facebook in anticipation of the Elmo’s Tickle Hands product launch next month. With the Send a Ticklegram application, users can send a “Ticklegram” featuring Elmo Tickle Hands to friends. Those on the receiving end of the gift get an image of the Elmo Tickle Hands accompanied by the unmistakable giggling of Elmo.

While other toy makers like Mattel have created virtual worlds like Barbiegirls.com that have seen positive results, this is one of the first times we’ve seen a toy company distributing virtual gifts targeting parents of the 18M-4Y demographic. The Elmo Tickle Hands are currently the only Facebook virtual gift offering from Fisher-Price, but it seems like a smart move that will definitely appeal to younger parents.

Since there are so few applications designed to promote toys for younger children, this one should get a lot of play, especially given the immense popularity of everyone’s favorite red resident of Sesame Street. It also gives parents a quick and fun opportunity to give their kids an Elmo fix (even though users under 13 technically aren’t allowed to have Facebook accounts).

“Fisher-Price wanted to let users get a sneak peek of the product,” said Nir Eyal, CEO of AdNectar, which focuses on integrating brands into virtual goods apps on Facebook and other social networks. The application went live yesterday, which is also being promoted on the product’s website.