Ticketmaster Screws Up Obama Inauguration Event

We’re going to go ahead and make a wild over-generalization here: Ticketmaster is not the public’s favorite company.

Another totally unsupported assumption: President Obama‘s inauguration won’t inspire quite as big a party in 2013 as it did in 2009. But there will be an event and a parade–and fans were supposed to be able to buy tickets through Ticketmaster yesterday. Unfortunately, the company screwed the whole thing up big time.

Tix were supposed to go on sale on Monday the 8th, but somebody within the Ticketmaster organization (whose name happens to be “Technical Error”) accidentally sent an email on Sunday announcing the availability of the tickets–which promptly sold out. So the mistake was twofold, really: Not only did the message go out early, but the tickets were available early as well. Oh, and the seller’s site was predictably “overwhelmed” by traffic, “slowing the purchasing process.’’

Ticketmaster’s response? Yeah, that kinda sucks–but get over it, people.

Were the President’s fans pissed? Of course they were. Did Ticketmaster once again display its awful track record regarding damage control? Of course it did. The company’s follow-up statements let all affected parties know that, while this massive corporation feels your pain, the whole thing was NBD and you totally should have seen it coming because “like all other popular events, demand was much greater than supply.”

Unfortunately, Ticketmaster’s stranglehold on the market all but guarantees that this terrible flub will not do too much damage. We’d love to have seen the President go all Louis CK on these guys, but in the words of Ticketmaster’s CEO, the Leader of the Free World probably doesn’t have “the stones” to stick it to The Man.