Thursdays at the Grill

OK, so today we had to eat at the bar, that’s how packed the joint was. Plus our lunch date ditched us, so we felt quite lowly slinking by ourselves at the beggar’s corner.

Agents we didn’t recognize pretended to recognize us, and we all smiled politely at one another. FBLA was ready to declare the whole thing a bust, when in walked Fox liberal Roger Friedman with Premiere magazine Exec Editor Katherine Heintzelman. Both were in town for Premiere’s “Women of Hollywood” party last night. And both were kind enough to chat this lonely fishy up while waiting for a table.

Roger finally did get seated, just after Ron Howard snagged the coveted Corner Table of Honor. Ron greeted Roger with a very merry handshake, which we’re guessing took the sting off of Roger’s being seated in the mid-section of the restaurant with all the hoi polloi. Hey, at least he got a seat.