Thursday Poll: What Do You Think of Bernie Sanders’ ‘America’ Ad?


Photo Credit: Nationaal Archief via Wikimedia Commons

By now you’ve probably had a chance to watch the Sanders’ campaign new no-words, all-Simon-and-Garfunkel ad, set to air Friday in Iowa and New Hampshire. In case you haven’t, or would like an excuse to listen to the duo’s “America” once again, here it is:

It’s definitely not your standard-issue campaign ad, of either the mudslinging or the candidate + family + forgettable rhetoric + forgettable background music variety–a maverick, if you will.

By featuring a compelling, familiar tune with a long history and letting the message be carried solely by the song and accompanying images of well-attended rallies, the ad effortlessly achieves an emotional resonance where so many other ads just read like campaign boilerplate.

Or maybe it didn’t work, for you.

Is this ad a one-off wonder, a single bound to span off a wave of copycats or a transparent play for emotions? Vote below.