Thundersnow Got You Down? How to Manage the Weather & Your Job Search

snowmenGreetings from the winter wonderland better known as New York City! We’ve gotten more than our fair share of snow this winter, that’s for sure. (And if you’re reading this from somewhere particularly sunny and warm, we’re a bit jealous.)

That’s why this piece by Amanda Augustine at TheLadders resonates. If you live in an area that’s been blasted by snowstorms, thundersnow or anything related to ice, chances are Mother Nature is impacting your plans. Here are three ways to ensure your job search doesn’t miss a beat.

1. Make contact quickly. As meteorologists start predicting snow, email your point of contact at the potential employer the day before the interview to confirm. She writes, “If you’re no longer able to travel to the office, let the person know as soon as possible. Be prepared to propose new dates and times for the interview.”

If you end up rescheduling, postpone it by a day or two. This way, you can avoid potential travel issues associated with the storm. Black ice, anyone?

2. Prepare for different types of interviews. If you were getting ready for an office interview, you’ll need to be flexible. The show may go on but not exactly as planned.

In the piece Augustine points out, “Be prepared for the virtual interview by downloading and testing the appropriate software on your computer and identifying a place in your home that’s quiet and clutter-free.”

3. Use time to your advantage. If the interview ends up getting cancelled, take advantage of this time as an opportunity to prepare. Practice talking points and polish those questions you’re planning on asking the interviewer. Do additional research on the company by checking out their social media accounts.

She adds, “If you have a network connection within the organization that you didn’t get to connect with prior to the interview, find out if they are able to chat over the phone. They may be house-bound due to the storm as well, and have more time to speak with you for some last-minute interview tips.”