Thumbplay: Deliver Sophisticated Content, and More of it

schwartz.jpgSpeaking with Mobile Marketer, Thumbplay chief marketing officer Evan Schwartz told the publication that he sees greater availability of long-tail content and richer content as key trends in the mobile content market this year. He also said that ease of use is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry, which leads us to think that all those folks planning on releasing more sophisticated content better make sure that users can access it with just a couple of clicks.

Schwartz warned marketers that they can’t afford to ignore mobile as a marketing channel, but that they also have to make sure that they add value to their mobile offerings. When asked about the one thing that marketers should do in mobile content this year, Schwartz told the pub, “Deliver a great consumer experience. Load pages fast and make content relevant.”

You can read excerpts of the interview here.