Does Your Newsroom Throwback on Thursday?

hashtagIn the name of clicks, and appearing to be social media savvy, news organizations have hopped on the #tbt train. For those that live under a rock, #tbt is the hashtag used for “Throwback Thursday,” an excuse to post your prom picture on Instagram, or tweet a link to an old blog post you’re especially proud of.

News organizations have started their own throwback features as an excuse for mid-morning Thursday content. When done well, it works as a good way to get people to dig through your archives or remind people of your authority, as in, “we’ve always covered politics, here’s a piece from 1943 to remind you of our expertise.”

I’m not sure how I feel about it. In one case, my favorite local New York City radio show on WNYC has started posting old content on their show blog on Thursdays and it only serves  to enable my procrastination in the mornings. The New York Times has started a dedicated blog to Throwback Thursday, featuring old images and headlines. Some other ways news organizations comply with social media mores:


It can be a good way to catch a reader’s eye and keep them delving around your site. It also, in some way, not just engages audiences but can help build a sense of community between your site and readers, too. Or is it just kind of cheesy? Let me know what you think in the comments or @10,000 Words.