Throw Away That Velvet Elvis: Bekman Gets You Collecting Art for Real


Former editor of UnBeige V.1, Jen Bekman, has up a great piece over at Good Magazine, “Jen Bekman on Art Collecting.” It’s all about getting into the world of art collecting, without having to sell your home just to make your first purchase (thus losing the walls you’ll need in order to hang said piece). Because she owns her own gallery in NY, she’s got the scene figured out and offers up some great ideas for anyone waiting, and wanting, to start testing the collection waters. Here’s some:

In art world terms, “affordable” generally means that work is priced below $10,000. At my gallery, most work is under $2,000. And if you’re wincing when you see $2,000 and “affordable” in the same sentence, I don’t blame you. This has been one of my biggest challenges from the beginning, because I’m as passionate about emerging collectors as I am about emerging artists, and the traditional gallery structure — namely, the high cost of entry — has made it difficult for a broad audience to start collecting.

That’s where the internet comes in. A whole indie art world has sprung up online, and you don’t need millions (or even thousands) to start building a personal collection.