Louisiana Attorney Travels to ThrillerFest

Acclaimed first-time author is part of this year's Grand Hyatt festivities.

CottoncrestCurseCoverLast month, Louisiana attorney Michael H. Rubin won Foreword Reviews magazine’s 2014 prize for Book of the Year in the Thriller & Suspense category. This week, he is in New York to connect with fellow authors and more potential readers at ThrillerFest. The “premier conference for thriller enthusiasts” started today at New York’s Grand Hyatt and runs through the weekend.

Donna Britt, a reporter with Baton Rouge CBS-TV affiliate WFAB, caught up with Rubin before he boarded a plane for NYC. He told her that he is currently at work on a sequel to his Civil War era first novel and offered this compelling summary of The Cottonwood Curse:

“The story addresses three universal questions, not unique to the South: Can we ever know all about our great-great grandparents? Number Two: Would knowing that change our perceptions of who we are and how we view others? Third, Do we have an obligation to tell that truth, if that would help someone we care about, but would also hurt somebody else?”

If you’re not familiar with ThrillerFest, check out the schedule of events here, here and here. The gathering concludes with dinner presentation Saturday July 11 of the 2015 Thriller Awards.

One more event note; today at lunch, the winners of the Best First Sentence contest were announced. Last year, some cited highlights included:

Death couldn’t part us soon enough. [Katalin Burness]

Quizz Murphy propped himself against the cold facade of an office building and summoned a nearby sparrow to pluck the lice from his beard. [J.E. Fishman]

[Jacket cover courtesy: Louisiana State Press]

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