Three Ways to Wrap Up an Internship

summer internsIf you’re a summer intern, you’re really heading into the home stretch now! While your campus beckons you back in the fall, chances are right about now you’re wondering where the heck the summer went as you pack up your cubicle.

There are several ways to leave that internship on a high note…

1. Say your good-byes. Protocol is definitely important. Remember when you started interning not too long ago and your colleague probably walked you around to introduce you to everyone?

This is the same but in reverse. Even if your department takes you out for lunch, it’s still important to walk around the office, shake everyone’s hand, say good-bye, mention you’d like to stay in touch and thank them for the experience.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, handwrite a note to your boss to thank him or her for the experience and to simply express your gratitude.

2. Connect on LinkedIn and ask for recommendations. It’s not too early to get connected on LinkedIn. Before you leave actually you should start connecting with peers and your boss on LinkedIn. Since you’re fresh in their minds, once you’re connected definitely ask for at least one recommendation.

3. Immediately update your resume and LinkedIn profile. As soon as you’re immersed in that college mindset again, trust us, your internship will start fading into the distant past and you may quickly forget some of your responsibilities and projects.

While you’re wrapping things up, sit down and really take some time to update your CV with quantifiable items. If you assisted running a press event, how many journalists attended? How many sponsors showed up? What was the budget for the event and how many media hits did you get after it?

Your LinkedIn profile should experience your resume anyway so ensure the experience matches up. Not only will this task help identify talking points for future interviews and help you reflect upon what projects and experiences you enjoyed versus ones that you didn’t, it will provide closure as well.