Three Ways to Watch the World Cup at Work & Still Keep Your Job

flagAlthough our beloved U.S. team lost today’s game to Germany, we’re advancing to another match on Tuesday. So if you were squirming today trying to squeeze in a glimpse here and there of the game, just wait until the Round of 16.

Thanks to the folks at TODAY, there are a few quick ways to catch the match without losing your day job. 

1. Stream it on your computer. Go to WatchESPN but keep in mind you need a cable subscription. Keep in mind Comcast has made all of the matches available in Spanish through Xfinity TV. They also showcase broadcasts in several languages through Xfinity TV’s microsites. Per the piece, you can plug headphones into your computer and toggle between the game and the work you’re supposedly getting done. We admit, that can get distracting so another option is to listen on ESPN Radio or stream it through your mobile phone with the ESPN radio app.

2. Go mobile. Then of course, there’s the mobile option. The piece points out, “You can stream the TV broadcast on your mobile device by using the WatchESPN app or, for Comcast subscribers, the XFinity TV Go app. Once again, you have to have a cable subscription. Furrow your brow periodically and pretend you just got an important message on your phone to conceal the fact that you’re really just watching the game.”

3. Learn Spanish. Univision streamed today’s game for free. and they also have a mobile app,  Univision Deportes. If you speak Spanish, you’re in luck and if not, let’s think about this one. Does it really matter what the announcer says unless it’s the
celebratory word, “Gooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal?!”

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