Three Ways To Use Storify’s New Slideshow Feature

How to embed the new Storify format. Select "Post on your site" then select the slideshow template.

Last week, one of our favorite social media curating tools Storify launched another neat way to view curated stories: Slideshow format.

You can access the new format by adding “/slideshow” to the end of any Storify URL. Embed options also allow you to place slideshow formats onto your blogs and websites. But besides being flashy and slick, what use does the new format have?

1. Display photos in a gallery

On the previous Storify embeds, photos curated from Flickr and Twitter appeared, at most, about 300 pixels wide. When you were curating many photos at a time from an event — like this example from the Vancouver Riots — scrolling through them was tedious. Now, with the slideshow format you can scroll through the photos in what feels more like a gallery, and you can see the photos at a larger size.

2. Tell a non-linear story

An example of a non-linear story curated through a Storify slideshow. Click image to view full slideshow.

Because the original Storify format was a top-to-bottom list, it felt (at least to me), like I needed to tell a story from start to finish through my curation.  The new slideshow format eliminates that constraint, allowing you to display each piece of content one at a time. It feels more like you’re presenting each item as its own entity, so the need to group them together is lost. An example is this curation of tweets and photos following the death of Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, George Ramos. Instead of telling a story, his life and legacy is memorialized through individual items.

3. As a presentation

Aside from use on news sites and blogs, Storify slideshows can be their own standalone presentations curated from social media, great for use at lectures or meetings. Because an option still exists to add your own commentary in between slides, Storify can now be a quick tool for throwing together a presentation to use in the newsroom to show off reader response to a particular story, or to a lecture about how to use social media.


What are your ideas for using the new template? Let us know in the comments or share your favorite examples!