Three Ways to Use Google+ to Bolster Your Career

Got Google+?

While it may feel like there’s an abundance of social media sites to check out on a daily basis, according to a piece on U.S. News & World Report, Google+ is a must have.

Ritika Trikha writes in the piece, “Google+ is a more organized, comprehensive tool than Twitter, and its more personalized than LinkedIn with more engaging features. It’s a great addition to your social media belt.”

Plus, it sounds like it should be mandatory for job seekers to create a Google+ profile. Consider this: When potential employers Google your name, your profile will appear.

Here are three ways to leverage it to boost your career…

1. Select relevant industries. In Google+ terms, this means you should circle industries you’re interested in to stay abreast of topics and emerging trends. After selecting topics, circles begin to fill with experts and relevant posts.

2. Leverage Hangouts. What is a Hangout, you ask? It’s a video chat feature that gives you the opportunity to conduct a video conference with up to nine people. In the piece she writes, “This is particularly great if you want to make a real, strong connection with a former colleague, professional acquaintance, or anyone with which you’d feel comfortable discussing job opportunities. It can be more convenient and much more personal than a LinkedIn invite.”

Apparently, it’s been used by various recruiters, too! According to the piece, has hired all of their chefs through Hangouts.

3. Tune into “Hangouts on Air.” This can be particularly helpful considering an unlimited number of people can join HOA. Her advice? “You can browse HOA events by typing “#hangoutsonair” in the search bar on top. And from here, you can browse various public HOAs. To find ones most relevant to you, search your industry.”

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