Three Ways to Motivate Underperforming Employees

TeamworkIf you’re a boss or on the rise to become one soon, listen up. There are a few ways to motivate underperforming employees who have the goods but they’re just not applying themselves fully. Here are a few pointers courtesy of a post on Inc.

1. Discover the root cause. Dig deep and you’ll figure out the solution to your problem. If the employee just isn’t a fit for the role, that’s reflective of a poor hiring decision but if the worker lacks skills, then it’s up to you to point him or her to proper resources to get trained.

Per the piece, you may need to alter your expectations, too. Look at the situation from a new perspective — how are you and the employee both responsible for his or her success?

2. Be objective. If you’re getting frustrated with the worker’s performance, make sure you remain objective. Toss frustration aside and review his or her work objectively. The piece suggests, “Try to find facts that will prove there’s either a communication problem, systemic issue, or a need for proper training.”

3. Start a conversation. After you’ve collected unbiased information, talk to your underperformer. Be honest and point out what you’ve seen and how his or her inability to effectively do the job is impacting the team and company as a whole. Emphasize you’re available to help and this is a team effort. Ask him or her how to improve and instead of putting the employee on the spot, brainstorm together and reconvene in a few days with a concrete plan.