Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Meetings

successAre your meetings getting a little stale? Are they always a waste of time? According to a piece from Business Insider, there are a few ways to shake things up.

1. Meet outside the office! Remember in college when it was the first beautiful day you were able to persuade your professors to take class outside in the fresh air under a big oak tree? (Or no, maybe that was just us?) Anyway, switch up the scenery. Especially now that the weather is finally nicer in most parts of the country.

Even if you schedule a meeting and it ends up raining that day, think about all of the possibilities that exist outside the office — a coffee shop or local bar may do the trick and then managers can treat the team to a beverage.

2. Designate a “wing man.” Per the piece, it becomes challenging to manage a meeting, do everything at once and ensure it’s moving at a decent pace. Assign someone to become a wing person to take care of little things like bringing refreshments into the room and ensuring that technology is working.

3. Establish ground rules. That’s right, set a code of conduct. Put a time limit on the meeting and set aside blocks of time for each employee to speak. This way no one will step on his or her toes.

This is also why the wing man is so important. The designated person should let team members know if they’re being too vague or too talkative to keep the meeting on track with its anticipated end time.