Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Can you believe it’s already the 20th anniversary of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day? Initially it started out as Take Our Daughters to Work Day and sons got added to the mix about 10 years ago.

Well, according to The Daily Muse, it’s not just about free pizza and having a little buddy at your side all day. There are certainly a few ways for both you and your child to make the most out of the annual event.

1. Teach Business Etiquette 101. As you introduce your daughter or son to a colleague, why not teach them how to give a handshake and make eye contact? You can never start them too young. You can teach them simple etiquette like introducing their names when they shake someone’s hand as you take them on a tour of your office.

In addition, even if your office attire is typically casual, they should get a little spruced up for their big day in your office digs. The piece pointed out, “Make sure they pick out work-appropriate outfits, and use the opportunity to talk about your office dress code: why suits are required, for example, or why jeans are okay for some employees and not others. This is the stuff they’re definitely not learning in school, so they need to learn it from you!”

2. Stick to Your Normal Routine. Even though your day will be different with your special VIP guest in attendance, try to stick to a routine. If you normally go to the coffee station in the morning, by all means go there. Continue with your daily routine as much you can so your kids can get a grasp of what you do all day. The piece mentioned, “Walk them through what you’re doing and why, and use every opportunity you can to talk about things like confidentiality, your sales quota, customer service policies—anything that would help them better understand the ins and outs of your job.”

 3.  Talk About Your Career. As you show your children around and they participate in office activities, spend some time talking about your own career path and what you like about your job and your company. Then you can have a conversation by asking them about their own career goals. What was their most interesting part of the day? Who was the most interesting person they met and why? Did they like the office environment?

And even though the day is about work, it’s also about quality time. Enjoy it!

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