Three Ways to Let Others See Your True Potential

Time to let it shine! And by “it,” we mean you.

That’s right, it’s time to let others see your true potential. According to a Harvard Business Review post by Dorie Clark, strategy consultant and author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, there are a few ways to ensure people take notice.

1. Create content. Sure, it’s important to showcase your expertise to your boss but there are other people, too in the vast world of ours. As in the internet.

In the piece she writes, “Just as a graphic designer has a portfolio she can display of her best logos and brochures, you should be creating intellectual property (blog posts, podcasts, videocasts — even a savvy and professional Twitter feed can count) that demonstrates your expertise.” In fact, creating content gives people the opportunity to see your new skills and knowledge especially if you’re in the midst of a career change.

2. Leverage social proof. What exactly do we mean by that? Glad you asked.

Social proof refers to people seeking guidance from others to judge the value, not unlike seeing feedback from an eBay power seller. Her advice? Take on a leadership role because “the social proof of being seen as a leader will have exponential benefits.” As your visibility grows, so does your brand.

3. Find a wingman /wingwoman. This isn’t unlike someone tweeting an article you wrote or posting your graphic design portfolio on Facebook telling their entire network to check it out. If you self-promote too much, it may turn people off so why not let someone brag for you in real time instead?

Her advice: “At cocktail parties or conferences, you and your friend can make a point of mentioning each other’s accomplishments or bringing up conversational topics where your partner excels. It may sound artificial, but it doesn’t have to be. Just consider it a chance to help your friend shine and let him reciprocate.”