Three Ways to Let Go of What You Hate About Your Job

noIf you hate aspects of your job, you’re not alone but this piece on Forbes inspired us to think more about the topic.

Kathy Caprino writes in the piece, “How can we let go of work we dislike? Many say, ‘Sure Kathy, that idea is all well and good, but I have three mouths to feed and I can’t just quit this job.'”

Although many of us can’t just tell our bosses to take this job and shove it, but she points out we can look at our own jobs in a new light. “We can begin to understand what we do fantastically well, and love engaging in, and identify new opportunities to be of use in ways we love — even at our current jobs.”

Here are three ways to let go of what you hate in order to open the floodgates to let more of the goodness pour in.

1. Specifically learn what you need to let go of. This means getting tremendously clear about everything you do on a daily basis. And we do mean everything — all the “tasks, functions, projects, responsibilities and activities, from large to small.”

Her advice? Break them down into three categories – what you love, loathe and what you’re OK to remain doing. Next, put a check mark next to activities that aren’t a natural fit. Identify what gives you that pit in the stomach feeling or responsibilities that make you feel like an imposter. She adds, “Make a promise to yourself that you will do everything in your power to shift away from work you hate.”

2. Identify what you want to do more of – what you love. We love this one tip! What do you completely rock out to? What do you do, why do you love it, what skills and talents do you rely on to make them so enjoyable? She also asks, “What part of your personality, values, standards of integrity, and passions do these enjoyable activities play off of? How long have you loved doing these things?”

3. Commit yourself to creating new opportunities to do what you love. Now that you’re clear on what you hate and what you enjoy, fully commit to find new opportunities to “be of service in ways you love.” Maybe there’s an enjoyable project in your department that needs focus that you could volunteer to work on. Maybe another department has an opportunity for you to participate. It doesn’t have to only be in the office — this could be the perfect time to start blogging on your own time.

Caprino adds, “Go for that open job you’ve been procrastinating about.  Ask your mentors and sponsors for help. Every day, open your eyes and ask yourself – ‘Where can I apply the talents I love to use in new, better ways?'”