Three Ways to Keep Your 2014 Goals On Target

midnightCan you believe it’s almost July 4th weekend? We can’t believe it either! And in turn, that means the middle of the year is swiftly approaching.

As you reflect upon your goals and how you’re achieving them, there are three ways to rock out the next six months.

As pointed out in a piece by Amanda Augustine, TheLadders’ resident career expert, there a few key points to keep in mind…

1. Update your brag sheet and brag, brag away! Seriously. Regardless of your current projects, be sure to maintain a record of your accomplishments and major contributions. Her recommendation: take stock of the past six months. “Have you taken on any new responsibilities or projects, received great feedback from a customer, or a positive review from your boss? Add all that information in!”

2. Monitor your online presence. With casual summer months you may be feeling more lax but that doesn’t mean to let your guard down with your online presence. Yes, prospective clients and hiring managers and even current colleagues will peruse your online persona. Why not Google yourself? Set up a Google News alert for your name to closely monitor yourself on an ongoing basis. We’re not saying you should be paranoid but just be cognizant about what’s going on with your name online.  

3. Learn something new. Yes, we totally get it. You’re busy, you have a life outside of work and sometimes just meeting deadlines is challenging enough. But in order to stay sharp and on your A-game, it’s important to keep your mind active. This is particularly important if you’re a pro at your current job and nestling into a comfort zone.

Stay abreast of technology and trends in your industry, seek professional development opportunities and as Augustine points out, it won’t take much initial effort. “This could be as simple as registering for your industry’s annual conference, watching a relevant webinar, or optimizing your summer reading with a book that will help you to fill in a knowledge gap that’s holding you back.”