Three Ways to Handle Inflexibility From Your Boss

We’ve seen it all too often. You’re slaving away at the desk in the morning and your boss strolls into the office an hour later. Or you’re told you can’t telecommute as your boss takes a conference call from home.

What can you do when it’s a situation of “do what I say, not what I do?”

According to CareerBuilder, there are a few ways to handle the inflexibility. For starters, Alan Guinn, CEO and managing director of The Guinn Consultancy Group, recommends holding a meeting.

That’s right, sit down with that supervisor of yours to talk about your performance and expectations. Try not to look at what she doesn’t do but focus on everything you’re doing right.  

Next, create a file. He explains, “Start a file of exceptional work that you have completed and the timeframe in which it was completed.”

Third, ask if she’s aware of the challenges you face. For instance, maybe you’re a single parent raising two kids at home so you’re asking for some flexibility to get the job done from home at various points during the week.

If she or he hasn’t been compassionate up until now, she or he probably won’t change during the meeting but you can only control what you say, what you think and what you believe, your boss’ actions are out of your control.

“Your objective is to get out into the open that you feel you are being ‘picked on,’ and you’re establishing a baseline to let her know that you know it and don’t like it. . . . The key here to resolving your differences and making this relationship work is opening the line of communication.”