Three Ways to Deal With a Horrible Boss

hangoverAs Horrible Bosses 2 gets released in theaters tomorrow, it’s a blatant reminder of bad bosses.

If you’re working for one now, you have a few options.

1. Leave. If your boss makes your life miserable and consistently digs into your self-esteem, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Get the heck out and get out now.

Here’s the thing about being upset at work — typically that unhappiness leaks into your personal life so before you know it, every aspect of life feels heavy and dark. Step into the light and get yourself out of the situation.

Whether you pursue a new job internally or externally (and honestly, we recommend doing both), the key is removing yourself from a toxic environment as soon as possible.

2. Make your boss look good. Your boss, of course, wants to look good at all costs. Help them. Let them shine.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and he or she will get promoted. That is the best possible scenario. Your boss will get out of your hair and with any luck, his or her former position will become vacant and you can slide right into it.

3. Deal with it. If you’re not going to make a move, the only option left is to remain in the position. Tolerating it may wreak havoc on your self-confidence because whether you’re working for a bully, a jealous tyrant or a micromanager, eventually this negative situation may start feeling normal. You may start becoming numb to it.

We’re not saying this is the best option; in fact, to us it’s the least attractive one. But we’re also realists — if the commute is ideal, your pension is lofty and you enjoy every other aspect, whatever the reason, sometimes you simply have to deal with it.

Above all, no matter how you handle the situation simply remember you’re not alone. According to a recent Monster survey, nearly 40 percent of participants rated their current or former boss as downright horrible. Yes, the number is staggering but you’re not alone and you’re definitely not stuck in this situation forever.

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