Three Ways to Create a Memorable LinkedIn Headline

linkedinIf you want to stand out among a sea of other similar professionals on LinkedIn, listen up. This post on Top Dog Social Media outlines several click worthy ideas.

1. Identify what you offer and what makes you stellar. Here’s an example from the piece: “Personally generated over three million in client revenue helping clients reach their marketing goals in the past 18 months.”

Ask yourself if someone perusing your profile is able to quickly identify what you offer? Do a search on LinkedIn using keywords to see how you stack up against your competition. Feel free to tweak your headline to see if there’s a spike in the number of hits your profile gets.

2. Include an attention grabbing statement. Be powerful, don’t be shy! Since you’re unable to use colorful fonts, bold or italics, let your words do the talking. Literally. Need another example? “The Media Calls Me Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert.”

Ask yourself about your biggest accomplishments in the past year. Go ahead and insert them into your headline. And think like a publicist – how would someone else promote you?

3. Use all of the 120 characters. The piece suggests using every single character in order to maximize the keyword search. Try to speak directly to your clients and potential clients. Who are they searching for? Who are they looking to hire?

The piece points out, “It’s your job to tell LinkedIn that you are a relevant result for keywords related to your profession or industry by strategically placing them in your profile and headline.”