Three Ways to Become More Mindful at Work

yogaIf you’ve ever been checked out at work, you’re not alone. But when we say checked out we really mean not being engaged when you’re supposed to be. It’s one thing to check out and surf Mediabistro during a conference call but it’s quite another to be zoning when you’re working on deadline.

Dr. Stephen McKenzie’s new book provides pointers to be mindful at work while simultaneously reducing stress to achieve more.

1. Fully focus on whatever you’re doing. He says this fully connects us with our deep creativity. Per the press release, he mentions, “When we are mindful we are fully connected to the reality of the present moment….we eliminate unhelpful distractions from our work such as our ideas about how a work problem`should’ be solved.”

Plus, when we’re more mindful, we’re more open to new solutions. Instead of thinking about how something should be solved, mindfulness then becomes a breeding ground for innovation.

2. Pause between work activities to work creatively instead of reactively. Here’s why: When we get mentally stuck on our work problems, we lose our natural ability to create solutions. When we pause, we can let go of one work activity before beginning the next one.

3. Freely respond to what is happening at work rather than reacting rigidly to what might happen. He points out,Rigidity is the opposite of creativity. We become rigid when we think we know what to do. When we let go of our belief that we know the best and only way to work something out we create creativity.”