Three Ways to be Productive on a Slow Work Day

Tick tock goes the clock.

On a slow work day like today when many people scurry out of the office or grab a quick lunch before they head out the door, some of us are bound to our desks much to our chagrin. That is, until the end of the work day you’re trapped.

When you stop to think about it though, it’s not all that bad. It’s probably more quiet as the day continues and technically, it creates an opportunity to go through that in box.

According to a piece posted by The Daily Muse, there are several ways to be productive on an otherwise non-productive day.

1. Create a succession plan. For starters, you can take your job description and outline tasks per month. As an example, perhaps you create an editorial calendar on the first Monday of every month, reconcile freelance invoices every other Tuesday, that kind of thing. The purpose of this task is to create a work flow document so when the day comes that you leave your job and your mind is frazzled, you won’t have to do it then.

2. Get organized! For most of us, this means organizing that overflowing in box with countless emails. While you’re at it, create new folders or start deleting old ones which are no longer relevant. Just don’t get too caught up in a delete key frenzy — be sure to save anything involving HR or employee issues, thank you messages from colleagues, and detailed process issues so you won’t have to recreate the wheel the next time you need to send out a lengthy message.

3.  Read. After all, it’s fundamental! Even though you may already be online 24/7 as you create new stories and headlines, why not take some time to read articles about leadership, careers or trend pieces about the media. When all is said and done, chances are you’ll enjoy the much needed downtime that is technically productive at its very own pace — your own.