Three Ways Successful Leaders Create Work-Life Balance

Happy Friday one and all! As the weekend approaches we can’t help but think about work-life balance and how to strive for more of it during the week.

Thanks to this roundup compiled by BusinessInsider, there are a few lessons we can learn from successful executives.

1. As per LinkedIn, its CEO Jeff Weiner endorses scheduling empty time on your calendar. “If you were to see my calendar, you’d probably notice a host of time slots greyed out but with no indication of what’s going on. There is no problem with my Outlook or printer. The grey sections reflect ‘buffers,’ or time periods I’ve purposely kept clear of meetings.”
2. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson tells Entrepreneur he keeps his family a priority. “When you’re facing an avalanche of appointments, book time to spend with your family — put it in your work diary. You will also need to prepare your colleagues for those times when an emergency will come up at home and you’ll need to drop everything to deal with it, because this is almost certain to happen.”

3. Evernote CEO Phil Libin tells Lifehacker he avoids working on airplanes at all costs. “My best life hack is actually the opposite of a shortcut and certainly doesn’t save any time. It’s pretty awesome, though, and makes me much happier and more productive in the long run: I don’t work on airplanes.”

He dishes, “I sleep, I play Minecraft, I read (non-work stuff), I watch movies, I daydream. I don’t work. It’s great. Makes me look forward to that 13 hour flight to Japan! I work at every other time, though. Sure, I lose some productivity on airplanes, but getting rid of all the pre-flight dread more than makes up for it.”