Three Ways of Looking at iPad Pre-Orders

Over at Gizmodo, there’s already a long string of comments from folks who either have or have not pre-ordered an iPad, and some of them are pretty funny. (“I was all over this at 7:29 because I want to throw my sex life away for 64gb storage,” writes someone commenting as ABMann.)

As has been the case in the media since the announcement, many people seem polarized about the device–they think it’s awesome (“Mine basically came to $1000 with what I consider to be the necessary accessories,” writes XuanDawkins)or they think it’s a waste of time and hardware (“Still haven’t figured out why I should get this instead of a netbook and a library card,” writes Aunt_Snowman).

But then there’s a third category of iPad buyer: reluctant early-adopters. They’ve ordered the device and feel slightly guilty about it, though you can tell they’re excited, like seamonkey420, who ordered the 16 gig WiFi model but also says, “yea, i know i am still skeptical but… if anything, i can resell it back the first month without losing too much if anything.”

So where are you on this continuum? Did you pre-order? Will you? Let us know.