3 Tools To Help You Come Up With Your Next Tweet

3 Tools To Help You Come Up With Your Next Tweet

If you’re pulling your hair out trying to come up with a witty, hilarious, informative and creative tweet, fret no more. We’ve rounded up three tools that will banish Twitter writer’s block and help you come up with your next 140 character masterpiece.

These tools are meant to be used to “fill in the gaps” in your tweeting. It’s easy enough to tweet about yourself or your business all day – but when it comes to breaking out of the box, many new tweeters struggle. So try these resources next time you’re stuck for something to tweet.

The Laugh Factory

Looking for a good joke to tweet? Look no further. The Laugh Factory has hundreds of jokes in its database that run the gamut from “yo mama” insults to political humor. Some of them are short enough to be tweeted as-is, while others could inspire your own creative juices. Just be sure that whatever jokes you tweet are in line with your Twitter personality!

Creative Writing Prompts

This website offers up 346 creative writing prompts that will no doubt lead you to some pretty creative tweeting. While these are mostly geared toward creative writers, you can use them to spark your imagination and whip off dozens of tweets from “the point of view of a spoon inside a dish washer,” to “reasons why you should learn another language,” to what you think of as “a perfect world.” Don’t be afraid to apply these to your industry or business.

Brainy Quote

Quotes perform very well on Twitter, so why not share some of your favorites? Brainy Quote is a huge repository of quotes from authors, celebrities, business figures, politicians and more. You can search by author, topic or keyword, and tweet out the ones that resonate most to you.

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