Three Tips to Make Your Resume Six Seconds Worthy of Viewing

If you’re concerned about the wow factor on your resume, you’re definitely onto something. After all, when recruiters and hiring managers glance at resumes, they take as little as six seconds to scan. Some may not even take the full six seconds to make a judgment call.

According to J.T. O’Donnell, CEO and founder of CAREERREALISM, their eyes work in a Z pattern. They scan left-to-right across the top of the resume and then down the rest on the left side. She pointed out several tips in a LinkedIn post:

1. Make the top part of your resume pop. Her advice? “Don’t waste the top-fold with a long-winded, self-serving promotional paragraph. It won’t get read. Objective statements and overly salesy intros don’t work either.”

2. Create an Experience Summary. Lists quantifiable skills and key information required to be considered for the job.

3. Keep the font a decent size. Don’t go smaller than 11 point and while you’re in font mode, don’t do anything creative or fancy. Keep it simple.