Three Tips For Adding a Little Humor to Your Work

Everyone’s a comedian, right? Actually, no. Few people are comedians and even fewer are funny comedians. (And a good portion of those funny comedians are women, so shut up Adam Carolla.)

Nevertheless, we all like to inject a little humor in our daily lives. PR pros, because of their work, are called upon to do that a little bit more in their attempts to entertain and attract attention.

After the jump, we’ve got three suggestions for how to do that effectively from Michael Dolan, the author of Funny Business: Putting humor in your writing. Dolan is also the writer behind the FRESH blog. So you can check it out and see how funny he is.


Quick Humor tips from “Funny Business: Putting humor in your writing” by Michael Dolan

Don’t make fun of yourself. Common mistake. Yes, be humble and relatable. But don’t make yourself look like a long-term idiot just to get a short-term laugh.

Signal humor. People expect serious adult behavior at work. They usually are not prepared to “get” a joke in the work context. So prepare them. You can introduce a funny line with these phrases: “Humorously.” “Oddly enough.” “Ironically.” Or you make have to give the signal afterward: “Hope you enjoyed that.”

Be topical. Rather than repeating a funny line you heard five years ago, take a moment to observe the scene today. Play off something people are already laughing about. Funny people are sometimes referred to as “smart.” Being topical makes you look informed and up to date, a form of smart.