Three Things You Should Never Ever Do At the Office

multitaskingWe’ve all had bad days, we get it. So, how you react to a colleague’s inane conversation or a boss’s unrealistic deadline is key to your success. Reputations aren’t build overnight but they can certainly crumble in an instant.

According to this piece we saw on Monster, several factors stand out to keep your cool. In other words, avoid doing these four things at the office.

1. React to anything out of rage or spite. If you’ve ever responded within an instant to an email that made you completely irate, we’re with you. The next time you receive an equally disturbing message though, try to take a walk. Step away from the computer. And definitely breathe.

The piece suggests: “When faced with a challenging situation, take time to internalize it and cool off before reacting. An adverse reaction out of anger or spite rarely accomplishes anything positive both at work and in our personal lives.”

2. Betray your coworkers or friends. Gossiping doesn’t really help anyone nor is it beneficial to the work environment. The piece mentions betraying “your friends and colleagues is an intentional and malicious act.” In the long run it will likely come back to haunt you so you’re better off keeping those lips sealed.

3. Complain about your job, company or coworkers. This is what your spouse/significant other/therapist is for! We’re not kidding. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, okay?

If something bothers you at work, go directly to the source and try to concoct a solution. So, if it seems like you’re stuck in a dead-end job, talk to your manager about ways to advance and gain new skills.

The piece adds: “If it doesn’t work then you are no further behind from where you started and you can then decide what your next step should be.”