Three Simple Tips for Post-Interview Follow Up

After a lengthy job interview, you may realize that you forgot to ask one little question. You know, the one about next steps.

Well, our friends at CAREEREALISM pointed out a few ways to effectively follow up post-interview. There’s a fine line to dance between being overly aggressive and assertive; the key is maintaining your tact and professionalism without becoming overbearing.

1. Ask about next steps. After all, who wants to be left in limbo? As pointed out in their post, “One way to hedge against this is to get a verbal commitment as to the next steps. If the company says they will contact you no later than next Wednesday – you know you can safely follow up on Thursday if you have not heard back from them.”
2. Send a thank-you note in the mail. Yes, snail mail. Here’s why: You’ll stand out. Who uses snail mail anymore? Our point exactly. It should be a succinct note to repeat a summary of key points discussed during the interview. Keep it short, legible and typo-free! And oh yeah, definitely send it in the mail as soon as possible! You’re competing with a candidate pool that’s likely sending their thank-you notes electronically.

3. Send a follow up list of short testimonials. Now, you don’t want to be that guy or gal, an annoying candidate who doesn’t leave the recruiter alone. On the contrary, you want to be persistent and assertive. As such, the piece suggested including a short list of testimonials, not unlike recommendations on your LinkedIn page.

If the interviewer says you should hear back by Thursday and it’s already Friday, you can send a quick note and include your testimonials. Mary Elizabeth Bradford explained in the piece, “Having a page of testimonials you can use as a leave behind or attach with a post-interview thank-you letter is one of THE WISEST moves you can make in your job search. It will ‘seal the deal,’ so to speak.”