Three Simple & Effective Ways for Managers to Value Their Teams

Okay, enough about job seeking, right? It’s time to switch gears and focus a little bit on management. If you manage a team, per a piece on The Muse, you’ll want your employees to feel valuable and necessary.

There are several simple ways to make them feel special and oh-so-loved. After all, the happy worker is the productive worker, right?

1. Be intentional. Make your team members feel special. They add value to your department like no one else so instead of assigning a task with a typical request, add a certain flair to it.

The piece suggests saying, “You did a great job designing that website last week. We have a new client who seems pretty picky, and since your work is so detail-oriented, I think you’re the only one for the job.”

2. Show employees their teammates need them as well. After a while, your praise may begin to fall a little flat so it’s important for teammates to feel valued by all angles and that includes their peers, too.

Praise can also come from executives, vendors, clients, anyone! The piece suggests paying attention when someone sends a kudos message. This way, you can share it either privately or publicly. Either way, you’re communicating to the employee that he or she’s making a positive impact. Again, it all points back to feeling valued. 

3. Challenge them. Who wouldn’t want to be challenged? If you’ve worked on one too many mundane assignments, you’re secretly nodding in agreement so why not raise the bar and allow your employees to up their game?

The piece indicates, “When you assign an employee a challenging task and actually put your trust in him or her to see it through, what you’re saying is, ‘I know you’re capable of this, and I trust you to do a great job.'”