Three Senior Staffers Leave As Network-Side Exec Moves In

At least three senior staff members have left in as many weeks, and not entirely of their own volition, FishbowlNY has learned.

  • Editorial director Mark Cardwell, roughly 10 months after joining, for the Denver Post.
  • Oliver Libaw, a long-time senior producer.
  • Managing editor Suzanne Rowland, who exited on maternity leave in what were described as tense and contentious circumstances.

    Producers and managers from the broadcast side of ABC News have increasingly taken control of the side in recent months, sources tell FishbowlNY. Steve Alperin, a former producer and writer for late anchor Peter Jennings, became senior broadcast producer under digital news chief Michael Clemente in January. Executive producer Randy Stearns left for competitor soon thereafter, becoming east coast deputy editor. We’re told Alperin’s tenure at the editorial helm has been marked by clashes with some of the senior staff.

    An ABC News executive, though, declined to call it a “shakeup,” describing Alperin as a “hard-charging competitor who wants to win,” adding that the site’s traffic has risen steadily since he started in January.

    Alperin, himself, declined to comment.

    [DISCLOSURE: FishbowlNY contributing editor and editorial director Dorian Benkoil is a former managing producer and contributed to this report.]