Three Red Flags to Spot During an Interview

This blog post serves as a reminder to retain your power during an interview.


As much as the employer is interviewing you, it’s your job to interview them. Observe, ask questions and take mental notes.

The Work Buzz outlined three red flags during an interview and we couldn’t agree with them more.

1. Hints of high turnover. Ask about the history of the job you’re applying for as well as the employees who previously worked in the role. Is it a newly created position due to growth? Did someone get promoted or resign?

Or are they hiring a new person because the former person bailed after only being there for six months? If there’s a pattern of high turnover, put on that journalism cap and ask about the workload, too. It’s possible the position is a one-way road to burn out.

2. Career paths aren’t in their plan. Sure, you have a vision for your career but does the company? After you answer the ubiquitous question about where you see yourself in three or five years, turn the tables by asking the interviewer about the future of the role.

How do they anticipate the new hire to advance? Can they eloquently express the future of the role as well as the company? Are they fumbling about how they’re going to answer the question? There’s your answer.

3. The work environment and overall outlook stinks. If the hiring manager talks negatively about the person who left the role, that’s certainly a red flag. Naturally, it’s a reflection of their professionalism and lack thereof.

Go ahead ask why the manager likes working there and how long he or she has been there. See what they say and how they say it. Is he or she enthusiastic? Energetic? How about apathetic? Unconvincing?

Sometimes your observations may not be so stark and instead, they may fall into a gray area. That’s fine but it’s your job to do some digging while you’re being interviewed. Observe how they interact and what they say along with how they say it.

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